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Useful websites

This website offers a lot of information provided by the Royal Organisation of Dutch Midwives (KNOV). There are brochures available to you (some in multiple languages), a guide to help you making your birthing plan and information concerning miscarriage.

New born photography as well as pregnancy shoots, baby and child (portrait)photography

This website informs you about the consequences of alcohol abuse during your pregnancy. It also offers an online course for free “9 months alcohol free”.

This website offers to coach/guide you (by phone) when you are serious about wanting to quit smoking.

Everything there is to know about breastfeeding.

This website provides information about consultations, referrals and offers

The ins and outs of the (Obstetrician) Ultrasound Clinic

The Birthing Clinic – this website is available to you in Dutch, English, Turkish, Arabic and French. Here you can find the dates of informational evenings, how to register digitally and all bout renting materials needed around the time of delivery.

Consultation Clinic – (Zuid Holland West), part of Youth Health Care

Medical Centre Haaglanden

This website offers information about collecting urine samples from pregnant women during their first trimester. (To collect data that can help couples with fertility problems)

Website that offers information about the professional association of gynaecologists

This website offers a questionnaire to help you decide whether or not you should apply for prenatal screenings.

Information about prenatal screenings and infectious diseases.

Everything you want to know about pregnancy and nutrition.
Fysiotherapy with specific knowledge about pregnancy, also provides the course 'Zwanger en Fit'

This website offers information about home birth bath deliveries and how to arrange this when interested.

This website informs the reader about the possibilities (and importance) of umbilical cord blood donation to Sanquin as it can save lives.