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Our team

Karin in’t Hout, midwife and sonographer
“I graduated a midwife practitioner in 1993. As of April 1st 1994 I have been one of the regular faces of Verloskundige Praktijk Voorburg. High quality care and involvement with the client is very important to me. This is one the reasons I prefer a small, close knit team. I myself am a mother of three in the ages of 17, 14 and 9 years old. A profession with very flexible hours and a family makes for a dynamic lifestyle. Despite my busy days I like to get a run in every now and then. I am also a licensed sonographer.”





Sabrina Tholen, midwife
“After graduating in 2005 I freelanced as a practitioner to build up experience at several regional practices. In August of 2007 a spot opened up at this practice and I jumped on that opportunity.  This practice is part of a fun community and a diverse population. A small town mentality but at the edge of a big city. The good thing about this practice is that each pregnancy gets the care and attention it deserves. Because that is what this special period in life deserves. I have been fortunate to experience it twice in my life being mom to Tygo (2009) and Ilse (2012).”




Hilda Salomons, midwife and sonographer
“I took my obstetric skills and put them to the test with much enthusiasm after graduating in 1997. Until the end of 2013 I was employed in the Delft area. I have been a part of this energetic and committed team since 2014. Energetic because we keep innovating our practice. Committed because we get to know our clients very well. We have pleasant collaborations with the hospitals and come together, when needed, to adjust the client’s care. I also administer the dating scans. My husband and I have a son and two daughters.”





Nel den Breems, midwifery practice assistant
“'Verloskundige Praktijk Voorburg, Nel speaking.' This is the first thing you hear when you reach our practice by phone. For over 10 years I have been able to help the midwives and the practice with diverse activities. This is something that gives me a lot of pleasure. It is definitely not a hardship being part of fun team of co-workers and a practice situated in the best part of Voorburg...and in walking distance of my home. I absolutely love all the different aspects of my job: contact with the clients, the enthusiasm that we all share for this profession and the positive feedback we receive from happy clients.”




Roos Born, consulting midwife
“As of February 2014 I am a consulting midwife at Verloskundige Praktijk Voorburg. This means that I fill in when the other midwives are on vacation, are busy with retraining or have other obligations that take them away from the practice. We ensure a certain quality of care with personal guidance and attention for our clients. These are qualities I find very important in the midwifery profession. The pregnancy, the birth and the maternity (postpartum) period: it is a privilege to be a part of these special and intensely private moments of a person's life.”